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On state service "Assignment of benefits for child birth and child care"

In his Message "Socio-economic modernization is as a main vector of development of Kazakhstan" the Head of state instructed to implement a set of tasks in ten directions, the fourth of which is "improving the quality of public services".

The Ministry of labor and social protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan accompanies the person from birth and presents in all his\her life, ensuring the implementation of constitutional guarantees on social protection.

Today 11 services of our Ministry receives more than 1.6 million people. Almost all of the services can be received through the State Corporation on the place of residence or the e-government Portal, at the option of the consumer.

Last year and in previous years, the most popular services were offered for families with children. Services offered for families with children constitute a system of social support of motherhood and childhood.

As for the unemployed and working women with children, regardless of family income there is a number of public services at the expense of the Republican budget and State Fund of social insurance.

So, in 2017 at the birth of a child is paid a lump sum in the amount of 31.41 MCI – KZT 71 269, and if this is the fourth and more numbers of a child, 52 and 35 MCI – KZT 118 782.

In 2016, this service was provided 438,1 thousands of recipients, including through e-government Portal – 16 thousand recipients, in the amount of KZT 32 340,8 million, in comparison with the year 2015 increased by 9 % (in 2015 the service was provided – 399,1 recipients in the amount of KZT 27 313,6 million)

It is noted that on behalf of the head of state from 1 July 2017, the amount of the lump sum on a birth of the child will be raised by 20%.

It should be noted that inactive women to a differentiated approach in establishing the amount of benefits are provided and the allowance for child care. It depends on the priority of child born it is from 5,79 MCI to 8.90 MCI – from KZT 13 069 thousand to KZT 20 194 thousand.

Last year from the Republican budget for this service was allocated KZT 30 981, 7 million, which has been received over 143,3 thousand citizens (in 2015 – 142,3 thousand recipients in the amount of KZT 28 565,4 million).

In the working family the receiving services of social support starts with the expectation of the birth of the child. Mothers, who are participants of system of obligatory social insurance, are entitled to receive social benefits in case of loss of income in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. The birth of a child is paid by social benefits from the State Fund of social insurance in case of loss of income in connection with child care up to one year.

The size of these two types of social benefits depends on the size of social contributions made for the period of participation in the system of State Fund of social insurance.

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