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In the MHSD of Kazakhstan the accreditation of subjects of private entrepreneurship has started for working in the expert council


The Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Kazakhstan (MHSD) started the procedure of accreditation of associations of subjects of private entrepreneurship for inclusion in the Expert Council on entrepreneurship at the MHSD of Kazakhstan.

Accredited associations of the business community who participated in the activities of the expert council have the right to examination of projects which are developed by MHSD of Kazakhstan regulatory legal acts affecting the interests of private enterprise.

National associations of subjects of private entrepreneurship, national intersect oral, sectorial Enterprises and Republican associations of small, medium and (or) large entrepreneurship In the can participate in work of the expert council.

To receive accreditation, the applicant must submit to the MHSD of Kazakhstan, the following documents:

1) the statement prescribed form;

2) notarized copies of constituent documents and the certificate or reference on state registration (re-registration) of the Association as a legal entity in case of failure of the original for verification;

3) the list of members of the Association.

The accreditation procedure will be conducted from the date of posting on the Internet online on the 27 January 2017 in Astana, PR. Mangilik YEL, 8, 5-6 entrances, phone: 743582, 743586.

The expert council on private enterprise is a consultative-advisory body created under the Central government, local representative and executive bodies for the organization of work on obtaining expert conclusions from accredited associations of private business entities and concerned non-profit organizations on the draft NPA, draft international agreements of Kazakhstan and international treaties to which Kazakhstan intends to become affecting the interests of business; developing proposals on improvement of activities of state bodies with the purpose of support and protection of entrepreneurship, including the elimination of administrative barriers; development of suggestions on improvement of Kazakhstan legislation affecting businesses.

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