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In 2016, more 182.8 thousand Kazakhstanis became participants of "employment roadmap 2020"

Employment road map 2020

During the first 11 months of this year, measures of state support within the program "employment Road map 2020" (hereinafter – the "employment roadmap-2020") has received more than kt 182.8 thousand citizens, including permanent jobs employed 141,3 thousand.

The first direction of "employment roadmap-2020" providing employment through infrastructure and housing and communal services, this year was planned to implement 5 thousand 741 project in the amount of 81.5 billion tenge.

On 1 December completed the implementation of 4 projects 227 thousand. In particular, the required repair of objects of education, culture, sports, healthcare and social services, carried out works on improvement of rural settlements, repair of utilities and engineering and utility infrastructure. They all have been employed of 36.1 thousand people, 19 thousand 860 - participants of "employment roadmap 2020". 

In the second direction (the creation of jobs through development of entrepreneurship in rural areas) in the current year on micro-credit was allocated 31 billion. Trained in the basics of entrepreneurship and received micro loans more than 9 thousand people. From them 4 thousand 962 people for the first time opened his own business, 4 thousand 83 people received microcredits for the expansion of existing businesses. In this case, the recipients of microcredit created additional 7 236 thousand new jobs. 

The third direction of the program provides training and employment assistance, as well as the relocation of people from labor-surplus to labor-deficit regions. For these purposes this year allocated 10.9 billion tenge.  

As of 1 December at the request of employers aimed at the training of 7.2 thousand people, 5 thousand of which 357 have already completed the training. Of them employed 4 thousand 688 people, or 87.5% of all graduated students. 

To support young graduates and specific target groups in the "employment roadmap-2020" will apply the mechanism of creating state-subsidized jobs (social workplaces and youth practice). This year this tool has been used by more than 28 thousand people.  

Implemented voluntary resettlement 921 inhabitants, of whom 385 (70% of total working age) were employed on a permanent job. 

While available in the database of vacancies vacant jobs were employed more of 110.1 thousand. 

In accordance with the instructions of the President, introduced a series of new anti-crisis mechanisms and instruments, the main condition of which was the preservation of employers of workplaces with risks of layoffs. 

Through the "employment roadmap 2020" organized training 2.4 thousand young workers, provided grants to employers for retraining and skill improvement of more than 1 thousand workers. In addition, it was retrained 985 individuals close to retirement age. 

Also this year, for the first time applied the mechanism of a temporary subsidy of wages of skilled workers for reduced working time in 8 large industrial enterprises of the country. Subsidies have affected more than 3.4 thousand employees.  

We will remind, in 2016 on the implementation of "employment roadmap 2020" has been allocated the amount of 128.5 billion.

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