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In the health Ministry has awarded the employees of the health system and social and labor sphere

MHSD of the RK

Today the Minister of health and social development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova held a solemn meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the independence of the country in the course of which he congratulated the workers of the health system and social and labor sphere on this important date and presented state awards. 

Speaking at the event, the head of the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan noted that during the years of independence Kazakhstan has achieved significant results.  

"We all remember how hard it was in the first years of independence, when the mass closed businesses, unemployment rate in the country was 13.5%, the volume of financing of the health system and social protection of the population was less at times. Today Kazakhstan is among the 50 most developed countries of the world. We managed to increase life expectancy to 72 years; to reduce mortality rates from major diseases, to reduce unemployment to 5%, to ensure all those in need of social support, to ensure all those in need of social support. All this became possible thanks to the wise and balanced policy of the head of state. In our Republic all Nations and peoples peacefully and amicably coexist, successfully and honestly working in a variety of industries. Each of you makes an invaluable contribution to the prosperity of our country," - said Tamara Duysenova. 

During the solemn meeting the head of the MHSD of the RK presented to the health workers and the socio-labor sphere of the order "Parasat", "Dostyk" II degree, "Kurmet" medal "Eren enbegi ushin" and "Shapagat", jubilee medal "25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan " and honorary certificates of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Two people were awarded the title of "Kazakstannyn Enbek sinirgen kairatkeri".  

We will remind, yesterday the staff of the MHSD RK was awarded medals "Eren enbegi ushin" and "Shapagat"; honorary diplomas of the RK, commemorative medals "25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan "; breastplates " Densaulyk saktau isine koskan ulesi ushin ", " Densaulyk saaktau isinin uzdigi " and " aleumettik-enbek salasinyn uzdigi "; honorary diplomas and letters of thanks of the MHSD RK.

In total were awarded to 14 letters, 37 diplomas, 6 badges, 79 medals, 14 medals, awarded 2 honorary degrees.

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