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V. Balan with congenital heart defects will be operated in Germany at the expense of the state budget


The Ministry of health and social development of Kazakhstan has decided the issue of sending the girls from Shymkent Viola Balan, who suffers from a rare congenital heart defect (the Shona complex), for treatment at the German heart center Berlin.

Surgical treatment is necessary in this pathology is not carried out in Kazakhstan in this connection the health Ministry of Kazakhstan has studied the question of the treatment of viola at the expense of budget funds abroad (in the clinics of Turkey, India, South Korea, Israel and Germany). Chief freelance children's heart surgeon MHSD of the RK Dmitry Gorbunov recommended to send patient for treatment at the German heart center Berlin due to the fact that this clinic has the most experience in conducting this type of operations. However, this medical organization is not agreed to standard conditions MHSD for the treatment of citizens of Kazakhstan abroad at the expense of budget funds.

As a result of negotiations conducted by the Ministry of health and social development and of justice with experts of the German heart center Berlin, the latter agreed to perform the necessary treatment to viola Balan on the conditions of Kazakhstan.

The patient has already delivered to Germany and was hospitalized at the clinic for further surgical treatment. At the expense of budget means she will have surgery the Ross-Konno (prosthetic heart valves). After treatment, Viola Balan is scheduled to deliver in Kazakhstan the Republican center for sanitary aviation of the MHSD RK.

Changed on 23 November, 2016 - 14:18
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