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For the first time Kazakhstan marks the world mental health day

world mental health day

Today in Kazakhstan for the first time is world mental health day with the slogan "Life is the most precious thing I have!". In organizations of primary health care (hereinafter - PHC) will be offered free consultations with psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and social workers with the aim of increasing public awareness about the importance of preserving and strengthening mental health, reduce the incidence of mental disorders.                                                                                            

In addition, primary health care organizations plan to conduct interviews with parents of children who have committed suicide attempts. In professional health schools will hold classes on mental health, creating a favorable psychological climate in the family, and also seminars for specialists of primary care prevention and early diagnosis of mental health disorders.                                             

Mental health is a state of wellbeing in which the individual realizes their abilities, can withstand life's stresses, work productively and contribute to society. Mental disorders are a negative factor contributing to such chronic diseases as cancer and cardiovascular disease.                                                                                         

In order to maintain mental health it is necessary to increase the level of knowledge of the population, primarily adolescents and professionals working with them about the importance of strengthening the mental health of minors.                                                                                              

Mental health includes a multisectoral strategy that combines activities to strengthen mental health, prevent mental disorders, reducing stigmatization of people with mental and behavioral disorders.

World mental health day is celebrated around the world since 1992 at the initiative of the world Federation of mental health. Its purpose is to reduce the prevalence of depressive disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, drug dependence, epilepsy, mental retardation.

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