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About changes in the legislation in the sphere of attracting of foreign labor force

According to the results of the negotiation processes with Republic of Kazakhstan adopted the consolidated liabilities of the WTO in attracting foreign labor.

These commitments were reflected in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 6 April 2016 "Sanatosi of the population", as well as the Rules and conditions of issuing permits to foreign employee for employment and employers for attraction of foreign labor force and foreign employees transferred within the framework of intra-corporate transfer (hereinafter - BCP), approved by the decree of the Government dated 13 January 2012 No. 45.

In the framework of the CPSU in the Republic of Kazakhstan will be involved only employees belonging to the category of supervisor, Manager and specialist.

The attraction of these foreign workers will only be in sectors of the economy determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For foreign employees transferred within the framework of the CPSU and the permissions are vidautsya on the due date specified in the employment contract, but not exceeding three years, renewable not more than once in twelve months.

Permission to employ such workers will be issued outside the quota.

At the same time, the employer will need to comply with the conditions on local content in personnel, i.e. the number of foreign employees transferred within the framework of the CPSU should not exceed 50 % of the number of Kazakhstan citizens.

Local content in personnel does not apply when hiring a foreign worker for the position of Manager.

In permitting local authority for the employer to assume special conditions for the issuance of permits, is training, training, training of Kazakhstan personnel, as well as the creation of additional workplaces for Kazakhstan citizens.

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