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The types of financial assistance to citizens of Kazakhstan


Protection of the rights and protection of the legitimate interests of families with children is one of the main directions of the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To date, a national model of support for families with children has been built, represented by a system of state benefits and payments aimed at:

stimulate fertility and promote parenting in the family

- since 2003, a childbirth allowance has been introduced, the lump sum amount is:

• on the first, second, third child - 38 monthly calculation indicators, or 91,390 tenges;

• for the fourth and more children - 63 monthly calculation indicators - 151,515 tenge.

- since 2006, a monthly allowance for the care of a child up to one year has been introduced, the size of which is differentiated depending on the number of children in the family and is:

• for the first child - 5.76 MCI - 13,853 tenges,

• for the second child - 6.81 MCI - 16 379 tenge,

• for the third child - 7.85 MCI - 18,880 tenges,

• for a fourth or more child - 8.90 MCI - 21 405 tenges.

- from 2010, parents, guardians and adoptive parents raising a disabled child until they reach the age of majority are paid an allowance of 1.05 of the subsistence minimum; today it is 29 699 tenge.

- since July 2018, a new monthly state allowance has been introduced for the care of a disabled person of the first group from childhood over 18, the amount of the allowance is 1.05 of the subsistence minimum, or 29,699 tenge in the current year.

increasing the prestige and authority of mothers with many children

- a monthly state allowance paid regardless of the income to mothers of many children who are awarded "Altyn Alka”, “Kіmіs Alka” pendants or who previously received the title “Mother Heroine”, awarded with the Order of Maternal Glory I and II degrees, benefit amount of 15 392 tenges.

social support for low-income citizens

Targeted social assistance of a new format is provided to families with an average per capita income below 50% of the subsistence minimum and is divided into 2 types: unconditional and conditional cash assistance.

Unconditional monetary assistance is provided to families with disabled citizens and for them, the mandatory participation in measures of employment is not required to receive benefits.

The conditional monetary assistance is intended for families with at least one able-bodied member, and it is provided that the family makes a social contract and faithfully fulfills its conditions.

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