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Retirement at preferential terms

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In accordance with the applicable pension legislation in connection with the introduction in the Republic of Kazakhstan accumulative pension system, which should eventually completely replace the solidarity pension system, incentives for early retirement from January 1998, was canceled.

At present, the law on cumulative pension shall have the persons, January 1, 1998 with at least six months of seniority: women reaching 58 years (between 2018 and 2027, the age for women increases every year for 6 months).

Legislation provides for retirement at an earlier age only for the following two categories of citizens:

- citizens living in the areas of extraordinary and maximum radiation risk during the period from 29 August 1949 to 5 July 1963 at least 5 years in accordance with the Law of RK "On social protection of citizens suffered from nuclear tests on Semipalatinsk the proving nuclear ground" are entitled to retirement benefits: men – upon reaching 50 years of age with a total experience of not less than twenty-five years; women – upon reaching 45 years of age with a total experience of not less than twenty years;

- women who have given birth (adopted, adopted) 5 or more children and brought them up to the age of eight are entitled to retire on attaining the age of 53 years.

It should be noted that pension payments are calculated on the basis of the work experience and income in pre-retirement period and does not depend on the working conditions, the profession, and continuity of labor activity.

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