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A social worker from a disabled child

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In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On special social services" the social worker is the person providing special social services with the necessary qualifications corresponding to the requirements (technical and vocational (specialized secondary, vocational secondary) (social, educational, medical) or basic secondary education and a certificate in social training).

The minimum staffing standards approved by the Standard of rendering of special social services in the field of social protection of the population in the conditions of rendering services at home provided that one social worker to care provides special social services to 4-6 children with psychoneurological pathologies, persons older than 18 years with psychoneurological diseases, to children with impaired musculoskeletal system.

A social worker is a civil servant selection and placement shall be in accordance with Standard qualification characteristics of managers, specialists and other employees of the social protection system and employment on a competitive basis. Local Executive bodies list in the online resource and printed periodicals in the competition for the vacant position of a social worker.

In this regard, for more information, citizens expressed a desire to be a social worker should contact the Department of employment and social programs in the community.

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