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The procedure of payment for social services individual assistant

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Payment social services of the individual assistant is the city and district departments of employment and social programs on the basis of the calculation of salaries of social work specialist per hour according to the system of remuneration of civil servants, employees of organizations financed from the state budget funds, employees of public enterprises, but not more than 8 hours a day.

The relationship between the Department of employment and non-governmental organization providing social services individual assistant shall execute an agreement for the implementation of state social order, which specifies the list of services, accounting of working time regulations that serve people with disabilities and payment for services of individual assistant.

Services of an individual assistant for invalids of the first group having difficulty in movement and specialist of sign language at the municipal, district departments of employment and social programs carried out procurement of social services of the individual assistant and a specialist of sign language in accordance with the Law "On public procurement".

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