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The ten-day for the prevention of cardiovascular disease passes in Kazakhstan

ten-day prevention system diseases

From 19 to 28 September ten-day for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (hereinafter - CSD) held in Kazakhstan, it is dedicated to the World Day of the heart, which is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of September.

Open days with the consultation of specialists will be organized as part of the ten-day primary health care. Classes will conduct for patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease and behavioral risk factors in health schools. In addition, measurement of blood pressure points and broadcast audio clips will be organized in crowded places (markets, supermarkets, railway stations, etc.)

According to statistics, cardiovascular diseases as the leading cause of death, so their prevention, early detection and treatment are under special control of MHCD of KZ.

To identify the CSD survey for the first half of 2016 covered 886 thousand 615 people of the adult population as part of the National screening program. 60 thousand 625 people identified diseases of the circulatory system during the screening, of whom the clinical account is taken 55 thousand 885 people of them were taken to clinical account.

In addition, Kazakhstan introduced an integrated model of care for the main socially significant, non-communicable diseases and diseases that significantly affect the demographics of the population: acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebrovascular accident (stroke), cancer, trauma, pregnancy and childbirth. In each direction will be provided to the entire cycle of services: preventive, curative measures, including rehabilitation, dispensary observation, health and social services.

Implementation of an integrated model of care will reduce mortality from CSD and improve the quality of life of patients.

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