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More than 380 Kazakhstan citizens were sent for medical treatment abroad in the past 5.5 years

Medical treatment abroad

Since 2011, 385 citizens of Kazakhstan were sent for treatment abroad at the expense of government funds.

In order to provide Kazakhstan citizens with free medical care outside the country, in 2011 the Working body for the referral of Kazakhstan citizens abroad for treatment was formed under the Ministry of Health and the Rules of the referral of Kazakhstan citizens for treatment abroad at the expense of budgetary funds (hereinafter - the Rules)were approved.

According to current rules, approved by the Minister of Health and Social Development of RK of 30 June 2015, the following categories of citizens of Kazakhstan can be referred abroad:

1. Children aged 0 to 18 years in case of presence of medical grounds and in address of whom all diagnostic and treatment methods permitted to use in medical organizations of Kazakhstan were used without a positive therapeutic effect.

2. Adult citizens with 8 nosologies:

- Arteriovenous malformations and tumors that require treatment radiosurgery (gamma knife) due to localization in surgically inaccessible functionally important regions of the brain;

- Arteriovenous malformations vascular brain stem, spinal cord and arterial aneurysm for endovascular treatment;

- Skull base tumors for transoral removal;

- Malignant neoplasms of eye, requiring radiosurgery (Gamma Knife, radioactive applicators);

- Keratoprosthetics;

- Diseases requiring transplantation of tissue (part of the tissues) or organs (parts of organs);

- Stenosis of the larynx;

- Stenosis of the trachea.

3. In exceptional cases, at the request of the President or Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, law enforcement officers and military personnel who have received serious injuries and injuries while on duty, as related to whom all diagnostic and treatment methods permitted to use in medical organizations of Kazakhstan were used without a positive therapeutic effect.

In case of the necessity of patient’s referral for treatment abroad, Working body carefully selects clinic, where a citizen of Kazakhstan will render all necessary medical assistance.

So, in 2011 78 patients (17 adults, 61 children) were sent abroad, in 2012 - 64 (17 adults, 47 children), in 2013 - 64 (18 adults, 46 children), in 2014 - 70 ( 45 adults, 25 children), in 2015 - 57 (30 adults, 27 children).

In 2016, 176 applications for referral of patients for treatment abroad were received from health authorities of the regions. 11 meetings of the Commission for the referral of Kazakhstan citizens to foreign medical organizations for treatment were held. Commission decided: to send 52 patients abroad, to treat 12 patients in the framework of workshops in Kazakhstan, to treat 80 patients in medical organizations in Kazakhstan. The rest of the applications are under consideration.

It must be emphasized that in recent years new expensive medical technology in our country became available for citizens of Kazakhstan. 40 new diagnostic and treatment technologies were introduced in 2010 in the republic, in 2015 - more than 120. In order to improve the skills and experience of local physicians the practice of holding workshops, inviting the best foreign specialists was introduced.

Citizens of Kazakhstan who left for treatment abroad on their own, cannot claim for covering the cost of medical services at state expense.

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