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In the framework of the action "Densaulyk zholy – 2016" mobile medcomplex will travel to remote villages in 7 oblasts and the markets of Almaty

Densaulyk zholy – 2016

In the framework of the Republican action "Densaulyk zholy – 2016 since July 18-29, mobile medical complexes will be traveling to remote rural districts of Pavlodar, Kostanay, Mangystau, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Aktobe, Atyrau oblasts and Almaty markets.

Since June 20 to July 20, the specialists of the oblast TB dispensary will conduct a fluorography examination in Akzhay, Terekti, Kaztal and Burlin region of the West Kazakhstan oblast.

Since July 11 the team of specialists conducting consultations and examination of the residents of Temir, Irgiz and Uil region of Aktobe oblast for the purpose of early detection of socially significant diseases with the following dispensary observation and rehabilitation.

Since July 12, mobile medical complex is located in Shetky region (Akchatau v., Kenshokty, Taldy, Akshoky, Akoy, Batyk, Daria) in Karaganda oblast. To conduct professional examinations and the provision of consultative diagnostic care involved doctors of polyclinic #1 in Balkhash town (therapist, pediatrician, surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngology, dentist, obstetrician, physician radiologist) and  specialists of the oblast center of healthy lifestyle.

Residents of Shcherbakty and Irtysh district of Pavlodar oblast since 18 to July 21 will be able to get advice from therapist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, and dentist and also to pass tests and undergo x-ray examination.

In Kostanay oblast mobile teams of specialists of therapeutic, cardiology and Oncology services since 19 to July 25, will travel to Kostanay, Mendikara and Sarykol region.

Since 18 to July 29 will be the visiting team of doctors (internist, cardiologist, gynecologist, traumatologist, ultrasound and x-ray examination) in Tupkaragan region of Mangystau oblast.

Since 19 to July 21, the specialists of the medical organizations of Almaty city will hold consultations and laboratory-diagnostic examination of residents in the universal market "Barlyk", "Kazyna", "Kenzhekhan".

July 20, scheduled departure mobile medical complex in the village Tushchykudyk of Isatai region of Atyrau oblast.

We remind, since July 1 to August 31 of this year across the country is a large-scale campaign "Densaulyk zholy – 2016", which aims to provide information, educational and practical aid to rural population in issues of healthy lifestyle and prevention of various diseases.

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