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In Kazakhstan measles morbidity decreased manyfold to 36

Measles in Kazakhstan morbidity

Thanks to wide coverage of population in an additional vaccination in Kazakhstan measles morbidity has decreased manyfold to 36 in comparison to year of earlier period (705 chances) in 2 months of 2015, 20 chances in 2 months of 2016. 

Measles is the acute infectious disease of which the RNA virus is a pathogen. It is characterized by high temperature (before 40 5°C), inflammation of the mucosae of eyes, nasopharynx, and upper airways, specific eruptions on the oral mucosa, and spotted-papular rash on the skin, total intoxication.

Measles is highly infectious. Probability of infecting of a healthy person on contact with a patient is 95-96%. Measles of children in preschool age and school-age is observed in any age, but more frequently.

The infection transmits in an air-drop way - during a cough, sneeze, in talk. The incubation period is lasting for on average 8-10 days.

It is worth noting the vaccination is the only method, including, vaccine-controlled infectious disease and measles prevention. The vaccination is contributing to education of artificial immunity. Absence of a person's immunity to one or another disease can lead to development of complications and fatal cases. In particular, pneumonia, encephalitis, and meningoencephalitis are some of the serious complications during the illness with measles. The severer forms of illness with measles of individuals of older age are observed.  

We will remind you in 2014 in a regard to a deterioration of an epidemiological situation on measles a decision was taken about administration of  additional immunization of persons in the age 15-19 years. The additional immunization started in February 2015. For its administration vaccine complying with all standards and certified by the World Healthcare Organization was procured.

For purposes of provision of vaccination of population at due level by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the RK was approved the Plan of social mobilization and information work for conducting of a campaign of additional immunization against measles in Kazakhstan. For coordination of events on additional immunization against measles staffs headed by supervising deputies of akims of regions and years were created in every region. Astana, Almaty. Conditions of transportation and storage of vaccine are carefully checked. Clarification work is done with adolescents and their parents about the need of vaccination.

In the first stage of a campaign 529 thousand 422 adolescents (more than 60,1%) were covered by the immunization against measles and in the second – 292 thousand 113 people or 92,1% of a total number of target groups (316 thousand 704 adolescents).

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