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Information that MHSD RK recommends to use NormaLife drug for treatment of hypertension being disseminated in the internet is a fake


The interviews of various experts of the system of healthcare of Kazakhstan about effectiveness of NormaLife drug in treatment of hypertension and the «fact that this is the only tool for stabilization of pressure officially recommended by the Ministry of Healthcare» being disseminated through banners are fakes with virus advertising from world search server in some information portals as well as by means of active link through social networking websites and messengers.

All the interviews with their similar content recorded allegedly with different specialists, Director of whose number of the research institute of cardiology and internal diseases MHSD RK Salim Berkinbayev, deputy Chairman of the Managing Board the "National scientific cardiosurgery center" joint stock company Makhabbat Bekbosynova, and interviewing (interviews can consider that there is their absolutely identical content, are generated by unknown source therefore with non-veracious information).

NormaLife drug is nutritional supplement, therefore it can not be recommended by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development to RK for application as a medicine means. 

We will remind you all the reliable and prompt information relative to activity of MHSD RK is placed on the official website  

Changed on 30 March, 2016 - 16:57
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