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The staff of the MHSD of RK expresses deep condolences to the families of Salidat Kaiyrbekova

Salidat Kaiyrbekova

The Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duisenova, teams of Central office, structural divisions, territorial departments and subordinate organizations of the Ministry Express deep condolences to the family of the head of the National medical holding and  Corporate Foundation University of Medical Center Salidat Kairbekova, which is July 3, 2016 untimely passed away after a long illness.
Salidat Zekenovna was born in a family of doctors. After graduating from Karaganda state medical Institute, she began working in medical organizations of Karaganda , working as a doctor-neurologist, head of Department, Deputy chief doctor oblast multidisciplinary treatment and diagnostics Association.
It featured all the best human qualities that are inherent to a real doctor. This is a huge philanthropy, high dedication, attention, compassion, and kindness to people. Thanks to the excellent organizational skills, extensive experience, tireless creative search, the desire to be useful to people Salidat Kaiyrbekova made a significant contribution to the development of national healthcare systems, working in senior positions in Healthcare Department of Karaganda oblast, MHSD of RK, Kazakh State Medical Academy, the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan.
Under her direct supervision were implemented many important system projects, including the State program of healthcare development "Salamatty Kazakhstan" for 2011-2015. Embedded in the framework of the unified national healthcare system served as a powerful impetus for the development of competitive environment for healthcare organizations of the Republic. Began to develop private medicine. Introduced the principle "money follows the patient". Increased availability and quality of medical care. Actively developing advanced, innovative technology for organ transplantation. The society formed such a concept as "responsibility for health" and implemented cross-sectoral and interagency cooperation on health protection of citizens.
Working on the last post of head of National medical holding and the Corporate Foundation University Medical Center, Salidat Kaiyrbekova had a dream to create one of the clinics included in the Fund, the most innovative and advanced medical institutions not only in Kazakhstan, but of the whole world.
Whole of her entire adult life she had been devoted to the cause of service to Motherland, which was loved and was a big patriot.
Employees of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of RK and entire medical community is deeply saddened with the death of Salidat Kaiyrbekova and extend sincere condolences to her family and friends. Salidat Zekenovna will forever remain in the memory of his colleagues and friends an example of love for her profession, a bright and good woman.

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