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In 2015 more than 4, 4 thousand disabled people became participants of the program "RME 2020"

In 2015 under the program "Road map of employment 2020" (further "RME 2020") more than 4,4 thousand persons with limited possibilities were placed in job.

154 disabled persons were placed in job in the framework of the first direction by "RME 2020" (issue of employment of population at the expense of development of infrastructure and housing and public utilities) in 2015 to the created jobs.

In the second direction of program (job development through development of entrepreneurship and base villages) they underwent training of fundamentals of entrepreneurship and received microloans of 348 individuals with limited physical possibilities, of them, 199 people for the first time opened their own case.

In the framework of the third direction of "RME 2020" (promotion in job placement through training and relocation in the framework of employer's requirements) 200 persons were covered by vocational training, including 144 were placed in job. Also by the third referral in 2015 they moved to centers of economic growth of 36 disabled persons composed of families. 865 disabled persons are placed to the social jobs in job in the framework of youth practice as well.

At the same time without rendering of measures of state support 2 thousand 859 disabled persons were placed in job to the free jobs available in base of vacancies.

We will remind you, that on November 24, 2015 the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About making of changes to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of migration and employment of population and introduction of additions to them" which provides for establishment of the quota of work places for disabled persons of the amount from 2 to 4% depending on total number of employees of organization was signed by the Head of state.

At the same time specially equipped work places will be created for job placement of disabled persons by subsidizing of costs of employers for these purposes at the expense of means of the republican budget. 

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