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In 2015 by the "RME 2020" program around 156 thousand Kazakh were placed in job

Vice-minister of healthcare and social development of the RK Birzhan Nurymbetov informed of this today at briefing in the Central Communication Service of the President of the RK on the theme "Results of implementation of the program "Road map of employment 2020" in 2015 and its instruments' actualization".

In the beginning of his appearance he noted, that issue of employment of population was one of the main tasks of the state, repeatedly spoke in his letters to the people the Head of state  of Kazakhstan. In that regard active measures are being taken by MHSD of the RK on permanent basis on job placement of citizens.

"In the framework of implementation of the program "Road map of employment 2020" (further "RME 2020") around 156 thousand people were placed in job in 2015, of them per constant job – 142,3 thousand. In last year around 4,4 thousand persons with limited physical possibilities, more than 3 thousand graduates of schools, 300 citizens disentangled from places of deprivation of liberty, 280 oralmans, 200 nurslings of orphanages, orphan children left without parental care, and lost children became the participants of the program," informed Birzhan Nurymbetov.

In the framework of the first direction of "RME 2020" (issue of employment of population at the expense of development of infrastructure and housing and public utilities) the implementation of 565 projects were completed in 2015, 8,6 thousand persons were placed to the created jobs in job.

In the second direction (job development through development of entrepreneurship and base villages) more than 6 thousand people underwent training of fundamentals of entrepreneurship and received micro loans, around 4,1 thousand people of them for the first time opened their own business. As a result of which in the passing year around 6,1 thousand persons were additionally placed in job.

In the framework of the third direction of "RME 2020" (promotion in job placement through training and relocation in the framework of employer's requirements) 14 thousand people were covered by vocational training, 10,7 thousand of them were placed in job. Over 20,7 thousand citizens are placed to social jobs in job in the framework of youth practice as well. Also by the third referral in 2015 more than 1200 people were moved from the settlement with low economic potential.

At the same time without delivery of measures of state support more than 102 thousand persons were placed in job to the free jobs available in base of vacancies.

The vice-minister also informed about coverage in the framework of implementation of regional comprehensive plans of promotion of employment in 2015 of more than 423 thousand people, that were 131% from planned. More than 396 thousand persons are placed in job, inter alia, to permanent jobs of 218 thousand people.

In addition, Birzhan Nurymbetov reported, that in a compliance with the task of the Head of state on prohibition of increase of unemployment given to them in the Letter to the people of Kazakhstan dated on November 30, 2015. «Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reforms, development» works were conducted by the specialists of MHSD of the RK on actualization of program "RME 2020".

"For purposes of preservation of work place of qualified industrial enterprise workers was envisaged introduction of the mechanism of temporary subsidizing on the 2/3 of wage lost in connection with reduction of work time. Organization of workers' training is also provided, including working youth with co-financing on the part of employer or fully at the expense of state, under condition if the enterprises retain jobs behind the enterprises, "said Birzhan Nurymbetov.

For creation of additional jobs the tools that applying in "RME 2020" will be strengthened: job placement to infrastructure projects; using the potential of projects, implementing in the framework of all government, branch and regional programs; micro loans for development of entrepreneurship.

The changes in "RME 2020" aimed at conservation and work place development are approved by the Government of Kazakhstan on December 8, 2015.

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