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MHSD RK and Nur Otan party concluded the Memorandum on implementation of the Employment in the Village project

Today the Minister of Health and Social Development of RK, Mrs. Tamara Duysenova and the First Deputy Chairman of the "Nur Otan" party, Mr. Askar Myrzakhmetov signed the Memorandum of implementation of the Employment in the Village project.

This document was developed pursuant to the orders of the Head of State on employment of the population, decline in unemployment and increase in number of self-employed productive people in rural areas through the development of small business, including small-scale production on the basis of personal subsidiary farm, increase in output, processing and sale of agricultural production.

"Today we signed the Memorandum with Nur Otan party on implementation of the Employment in the Village project which essence is that a certain part of funds of "RME 2020" will be allocated for crediting for development of small-scale production on the basis of personal subsidiary farms. For these purposes the sizes of the microcredits will be increased up to 6 million tenge. Thus, we will stimulate citizens to create small farms and to unite in rural consumer cooperatives, for the joint organization of production and the solution of issues of providing with seeds or sterns, sharing of agricultural machinery or the equipment, sale of finished product", - Tamara Duysenova reported.

The minister also noted that the state will give to villagers help in purchase of their production by the state organizations (health care, education, defense, corrective system and etc), according to their needs for food.

The Employment in the Village project will be tested in the Aktyube, Almaty, Kyzylorda, Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan oblasts. In case of its productivity experience will be widespread on all Kazakhstan.

Implementation of this project will allow creating additional workplaces, and will raise the level of income of the rural population.

We remind that in 2015 experts of MHSD RK pursuant to orders of the head of State to prevent the growth of unemployment have conducted work on updating of the Road Map of Employment 2020 program. On December 8 of this year the RK Government approved the changes in "RME 2020" directed on preservation and creation of workplaces.

For preservation of workplaces of skilled employees of the industrial enterprises introduction of the mechanism of temporary subsidizing 2/3 of salary lost due to reduced working time.

Also is provided the organization of training of employees, including the working youth, with joint financing from the employer or completely at the expense of the state, subject the enterprises keep workplaces for them.

For creation of additional workplaces will be enhanced tools that apply "RME 2020": employment on infrastructure projects; use of potential of the projects implemented within all state, industry and regional programs; microcredit for business development.

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