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Has an employer the right not to pay salary within two – three months?

Answer:In accordance with Article 113 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the Code) wages are set and paid in cash in the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan at least once a month, not later than the first decade of the next month. Wage Payment Date provided the employment contract.

Upon payment of wages the employer must in writing or in electronic form on a monthly basis to inform each employee of the constituent parts of the wages due to him for the relevant period, sizes and substantiation of deductions, including the details of the withholding and transfer of mandatory pension contributions, as well as a common currency the amount payable.

When the non-payment of wages by the employer in full and in time established by the labor contract, the employer is liable in accordance with the laws of RK. The employer shall pay the employee the debt and interest for the period of delay of payment. interest is calculated on the basis of the official rate of refinancing of the National Bank of Kazakhstan on the day of fulfillment of obligations on payment of wages and accrued for each calendar day of delay, starting from the day when the payment should be made, and ends the day of payment.

Article 191 of the Code is determined that the state control over observance of labor legislation in the organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan carried out by state labor inspectors.

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