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Introduction of a new order of charge of a targeted social assistance will allow increasing the sum of the paid benefits

The Vice-Minister of Health and Social Ddevelopment of RK Svetlana Zhakupova reported about it at the briefing which passed in MHSD RK today.

She reminded that on October 8 the RK Parliament adopted the Law "On Introduction of Amendments and Additions to Some Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning Social Protection of the Population" developed within implementation of the 84th steps of the National Plan - 100 specific measures on implementation of five institutional reforms.

The law provides introduction since January 1, 2018 of a new order of rendering the targeted social assistance (hereinafter - TSA) for the families with income below 50% of the minimum subsistence level (today – 40%) on each family member, with a condition of mandatory participation of able-bodied family members in active measures of assistance of employment which will be provided instead of current:

- special State benefits (hereinafter - SSB) to large families;

- State child allowances of up to 18 for low-income families;

- targeted social assistance provided to low-income households.

"The increase in threshold level for purpose of TSA from 40 up to 50% of the size of a subsistence minimum will increase also the sum of benefit. Besides, today the large families having 4 and more children receive the fixed SSB of 8246 tenge. According to amendments to the legislation, since 2018 TSA will be charged for each child in the corresponding basis (family income below 50% of the minimum subsistence level, the conclusion of a social contract with the able-bodied family members). Thus, the family has no income, consisting of 6 people (2 adults and 4 children) will receive 61326 tenge instead of 8246 tenge", - Svetlana Zhakupova reported.

The Vice-Minister also noted that TSA in a new format will be classified on 2 types: the unconditional and stated allowance.

The unconditional allowance will be provided to those families which have no able-bodied members (for example, families of disabled people or elderly pensioners), or families which able-bodied members for the objective reasons cannot participate in employment assistance measures (for example, lonely mother with children of preschool age). For such families obligatory participation in employment measures for receiving a benefit is not required.

Stated allowance will be provided to the families with at least one working member, subject to the conclusion of the social contract and the mandatory participation of all able-bodied family members in employment assistance measures.

Signing the social contract, the parties assume mutual obligations: social services undertake measures for assistance of employment and pay a benefit, and able-bodied family members – honestly participate in employment assistance measures.

“Man will not just provided by the cash assistance, but will help him to find a job, send to various courses of retraining and professional development, if necessary. Thus, family potential for exit poverty is stimulated", - Svetlana Zhakupova stressed.

Besides, since January 1, 2018 will be transformation of SSB which provides:              

- preservation of special state benefits to such categories of citizens as participants and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War, elderly person, home front workers, etc. (total 14 categories of citizens);

- transformation of special state benefits for mothers having many children awarded by pendants "Altyn alka”, "Кumis alka" or previously received a rank of "Mother heroine", awarded by the awards "Maternal Glory" of the I and II degrees in an allowance for mothers having many children which granting will be regulated by the Law "On Welfare Payments to the Families Having Children".

- join of special state benefits for disabled people with the welfare social benefit on disability.

“It will allow simplifying procedure of registration of a benefit. Adoption of these measures does not jeopardize the rights of persons with disabilities, because the size of payments received will not decrease. State disability pensions will be increased by the sum of nowadays received SSB", - the Vice-minister explained.

Implementation of the Law will demand additional resources from the republican budget in 2018 in the sum of 11,8 billion tenge.

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