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On activities of the International Labor Organization in Kazakhstan

The International Labor Organization is the UN specialized agency which sets as the goal the promotion of social justice principles, internationally recognized human rights and the rights in the sphere of labor. It was created in 1919 and is the only remained large result of the Versaille agreement within the framework of which the League of the Nations was created. The ILO became the first UN specialized agency in 1946. 

Main objectives of the ILO are assistance to the rights in the sphere of labor, expansion of opportunities of worthy employment, strengthening of social protection and strengthening of dialogue on the questions connected with work. The ILO accepts the international labor standards in the form of conventions and recommendations. The ILO has tripartite structure unique in United Nations system in which employers and representatives of workers - "social partners" in the sphere of economy - have an equal voice with representatives of the governments in formation of the policy and programs.

Group of technical support on the issues of decent work and the ILO Bureau for the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (till April of 2010 – Sub-regional bureau of the ILO for the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia) works in Moscow since 1959. The bureau coordinates activity of the ILO in ten countries: in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

In Kazakhstan the ILO provides support within the national Program of Decent Work (NPDW), developed in cooperation with the government, the organizations of employers and workers It defines priorities within the framework of national development programs aimed at the solution of deficiency of decent work through consultations on policy issues and capacity-building of the country. NPDW covers the following strategic objectives of the ILO: assistance to norms and fundamental principles and rights in the sphere of work; Creation of more favorable opportunities for women and men for worthy employment and the income; Expansion of the sphere of coverage and increase of efficiency of social protection for all; Strengthening of a tripartizm and social dialogue.

The ILO made the significant contribution to modernization of social security system of the country by means of the analysis of methodology of definition of a living wage. The program of employment 2020 was developed with assistance of the ILO regarding strategy and research in the field of transition from informal to formal employment. The current support of the ILO in the field of employment is provided within the project on employment of the youth directed on development of the Plan of action in this sphere. The contribution of the ILO to changes and additions to the labor code was allowed to include in the code of provision on committees on labor protection at the level of the enterprises.

 The following Program of Worthy Work is in Kazakhstan at a development stage. Its possible priorities: Strengthening of social dialogue; Expansion of opportunities of employment for women and men; Improvement of a security system and labor protection. Kazakhstan ratified 24 conventions of the ILO, including all fundamental ones. 


Name of Convention

Date of entering into force


1977 ILO Convention #148 "On protection of workers against occupational risk caused by air contamination, noise and vibration at work places"

# 10-I Law of the RK

dated 26.06.1996


1981 ILO Convention #155 "On labor safety and hygiene and production environment"

# 7–I Law of the RK dated 13.06. 1996


1958 ILO Convention #111 "On discrimination in the sphere of labor and engagements" 


# 444-I Law of the RK dated 20.07. 1999


1964 ILO Convention #122 "On policy in the sphere of employment"

# 286-I Law of the RK dated 9. 11. 1998


1948 ILO Convention#87 "On freedom of association and protection of the right for organization" 

# 29-11 Law of the RK dated 30.12.1999


1971 ILO Convention #135 "On representatives of workers"

# 13-11 Law of the RK dated 30.12.1999


1976 ILO Convention #144 "On trilateral consultations (international  labor standards)"

# 12-11 Law of the RK dated 30.12. 1999


1930 ILO Convention # 29 "On forced or obligatory labor"

# 120-11 Law of the RK

dated 14.12.2000


1957 ILO Convention # 105 "On abolishment of forced labor"

# 117–11 Law of the RK dated 14 .12.2000 


1948 ILO Convention # 88 "On organization of employment service"

# 119 –11 Law of the RK dated 14.12.2000


1951 ILO Convention # 100 "On equal remuneration of men and women for the labor of equal value"

# 115-11 Law of the RK

от 14.12.2000


1973 ILO Convention # 138 "On minimal age for admission to work" 

# 116-11 Law of the RK dated 14.12.2000


1947 ILO Convention #81 "On labor inspection in industry and trade" 

# 194-11 Law of the RK dated 7.05.2001


1969 ILO Convention #129 "On labor inspection in agriculture"

# 195-11 Law of the RK

от 7.05.2001


1949 ILO Convention # 98 "On the right for organization and conducting collective negotiations"

# 118-11 Law of the RK dated 14.12.2000


1999 ILO Convention  # 182 "On prohibition and immediate measures aimed at uprooting the worst form of child labor"

# 367-11 Law of the RK

от 26.12. 2002


1988 ILO Convention  # 167 "On labor safety and hygiene in construction"

# 263 Law of the RK dated 19.06. 2007


1958 ILO Convention  # 185 revising 1958 Convention  seafarer identity cards

# 254-IV Law of the RK dated 12.03.2010


1986 ILO Convention #162 "On labor safety at using the asbestos"

# 388 – IV Law of the RK dated 17.01.2011


1952 ILO Convention # 183 "On revision of 1952 Convention (revised) On protection of motherhood"

# 554-IV Law of the RK



1981 ILO Convention # 156 "On equal treatment and equal opportunities for the working men and women: workers with family obligations"


# 50-V Law of the RK

dated 16.11.2012




2006 ILO Convention # 187 "On bases promoting the labor safety and hygiene"

# 243- V Law of the RK

dated  20.10.2014


1949 ILO Convention  # 95 "On salary protection" 

# 184-V Law of the RK dated 07.04. 2014


1928 ILO Convention # 26 1928 "On creating the procedure for minimum salary establishment"

# 183-V  Law of the RK dated 07.04. 2014


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