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Issues concerning employment of foreign nationals were discussed

Issues concerning employment of foreign nationals were discussed

      Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development (hereinafter – MHSD) collectively with Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – ME) and also representatives of "Tengizshevroil" LLP, "Kazenergy Association, "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V., "North Caspian Operating B.V."  "BG Kazakhstan companies (hereinafter – business community) on January 26, 2015, held the session devoted to issues of local content in staff of users of mineral resources at Karachaganak, North-Caspian and Tengiz  projects, their operators, contract and subcontract organizations as well.

       In the course of session  participants discussed, in general, the procedure for attracting foreign manpower, established of requirements for local content in staff determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also the current legislation standards making it possible, based on decision and initiative of the relevant  state authority (ME), to attribute the  projects implemented by the business community to priority ones, and further establishment of a special procedure for them with indulgences for local content in personnel and absence of liabilities on fulfillment of special conditions (training, retraining, advanced training of domestic personnel and creation of additional work positions for them).

    Special attention was paid to the issues concerning termination of paragraph 8 of Rules 9 of Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 13, 2012, #45. Business communication applied for its extension till 2020.  

     According to the session results within the framework of the working group  established and acting in MHSD on improving the conditions and procedures for issuing permits employers to hire foreign labor MHSD, collectively with ME and representatives of the business community, as well as the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs  abovementioned issues will be discussed with the division of projects on the base production, capital projects and  projects in which  foreign manpower is involved.

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