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About an extended meeting of a board which took place on July 31, 2013 in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On July 31, 2013an extended meeting of a board took place in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was dedicated to the resolution of priorities and directions of work of Ministry of Social Modernization Strategy Realization, which was characterized in the program article of the President called “Social modernization: Twenty steps to the universal labor society”.

In the board heads and senior officials of ML&SS RK; Deputy Akims of the regions, Astana and Almaty city; Heads of Committees of ML&SS RK and their territorial subdivisions, heads of SCPP “RSBSE ML&SS RK”, RSRILS, “Raising Qualification Courses”, «IAC PZ», «GAK», «SISF» JSC participated.

The following questions were discussed on the board meeting:

1.      About the precaution measures for labor conflicts.

2.      About the results of Program of employment implementation and about the perspectives of Road Map of Employment 2020.

3.      About the measures aimed on ensuring the rights and increasing the quality of life of the disabled people.

4.     About the quality of state services of social and labor spheres. 

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