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Arrangements for Victory Day

In connection with a celebration of 68th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War there will be some arrangements in the country aimed at honoring of veterans and people equal to them. 

Under the framework of Victory Day arrangements organization, akims of Astana and Almaty city have agreed a Plan of arrangement and execution of 68th anniversary of Victory celebration measures.

In connection with this wreath-laying ceremony to the memorials and obelisks, to the beds of honor of the Great Patriotic War soldiers will be officiated, mass media coverage is planned, official concerts and receptions, presentation of gifts and additional social support for the veterans of war and people equal to them in all of the country regions.

       In addition to that, according to the data of akims of regions and Astana, Almaty city local executive bodies gave for additional social support of veterans more than 3 billion tenge under the framework of social responsibility of business and with allowances for local budget abilities, including: provision of non-recurrent welfare – 97 ths. of veterans; housing accommodations for those who are in a housing queue – 38 veterans; travel privileges on city, suburban and international transport – more than 37 ths. veterans; prosthetic dentistry – 2567 veterans; health resort treatment – more than 2 ths. veterans; preferential provision of medicines – 20 ths. veterans; exemption of payment for utility services – more than 33 ths. veterans; home renovation – 146 veterans; telephone installation – 6 veterans; fuel provision – 1100 veterans;  periodic press subscription – 2 ths. veterans.       

        One of the aims of these arrangements is provision of non-recurrent welfare to veterans of war and labor.

Under the framework of this event local executive bodies will support 128 356 thousand of veterans of war and labor. 

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