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Inspection of activities of West Kazakhstan region Department of Control and Social Security

From 6nd till 12th of April, 2013 the experts of the Control and Social Security Committee (G.M. Oryntayeva, A.R. Omirbekova, L.K. Nuridenova, A.N. Kemerova and A.T. Eldesov) made an inspection and gave practical help to the Deparment of Control and Social Security and to the local affiliate of SCPP, to medical and social organizations of West Kazakhstan region on a quality of provision of governmental services. They gave a practical help on the issues of social security, medical and social expertise and disabled people rehabilitation. 
They inspected the activities of SCPP affiliates in Uralsk city, Syrymsky and Zelenovsky regions in the field of electronic business model formation and payment promptitude. 
Issues of law enforcement practice were considered, explanations and recommendations on improvement in quality of governmental services provision and supervising function implementation were given.
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