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Information about the attracted foreign labor as of June 1, 2014

To protect the domestic labor market, Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan yearly establishes the quota for attracting foreign experts to the republic.

For 2014, the quota is established at 0.7% to economically active population, making up 63 thousand units (in 2013– 1.2 % or 108.1 thousand).

As of June 1, 2014, authorized by the local executive bodies 26.0 thousand foreign people were employed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, following the categories:

first (heads and their deputies) – 1,806 people;

second (heads of structural subdivisions) – 5,515 people;

third (experts) – 11,745 people;

fourth (qualified workers) – 5,970 people;

Attracted to seasonal agricultural works – 1,041 people. Employers attracting foreign labor for the end of the reporting period – 2,482 in total.

Enterprises attracting foreign labor employ 389.6 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan, making up 93.4% of the total staff.

Basic countries of origin for labor migrants remain China – 22.4% and Turkey – 17.5%).

Employers attracting foreign labor created 7,375 working places for citizens of Kazakhstan, re-educated 1,917 citizens of Kazakhstan, providing advanced training for 8,024 local workers, professional training for 482 Kazakh workers, 27 foreign experts were replaced by Kazakh personnel.

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