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National drug formulary is under development in Kazakhstan – "dknews.kz" newspaper of July 30, 2015

Till the end of 2015 specialists of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will complete the development of National drug formulary wich will make it possible to provide availability of the medicinal aid for every citizen regardless of his/her social status and income level by means of establishing the limit price level for medicines. National drug formulary will include only drugs with proven clinical effectiveness.

At the formulary forming the advanced international, practice and evidence based approaches to drug therapy treatment are used. Duncan Enright, developer of Britain national drug formulary recognized as the world best is involved in preparation of the abovementioned document. Beside him, the best experts from Europe and Australia, as well as the domestic experts take part in development of National formulary.

It is worth of saying that it is the first time of National drug formulary preparing in Kazakhstan.

At its development there were applied data of research in level of consuming the clinically and economically effective, safe medicinal products and cost of treatment cycle for each disease.

Creation of National drug formulary will promote the extension of competitive environment. This also will allow calculating the need in drugs and execute their purchase taking into account the patient-oriented drug provision.

In Duncan Enright's opinion the National drug formulary will become the unique document wich will make it possible not only to provide availability of medicinal products for citizens but also to save budget funds at the expense of maximum effective procurement of the drugs.

"Our international team of experts worked on other projects including the first recourse of such kind that is Britain national formulary. But National drug formulary of Kazakhstan is the first new formulary having such ambitious goals: to provide not only new resource of knowledge but also to strengthen all formulary system as well as to promote the use of medical evidences", — Duncan Enright considers.

Along with this, new rules for forming the limit prices for medicinal products within the framework of guaranteed volume of free medical care are developed with taking into account the international experience.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK



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