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In Akmola region held Republican workshop on implementation of the project "Orleu"

project "Orleu"

Today, with the support of the world Bank with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan and local Executive bodies of Akmola region began a two-day Republican workshop on implementation of the project "Orleu".

The purpose of the program "Orleu" - to help needy citizens and their families through the retraining and subsequent employment or starting their own business by entering into the social contract and the introduction of a support system due to the payments.

The workshop will address the issues of implementation of the project "Orleu" in the regions, a new mechanism for the provision of conditional cash assistance through the employment centres, the concept of awareness-raising work on implementation of the project "Orleu" and the introduction of targeted social assistance to the new format by 2018.

Currently, the project Orleu is implemented in the framework of modernization of the social assistance system, which is based on improving targeted social assistance by entering into a social contract with the condition of mandatory participation of low-income working-age population in active measures to promote employment.

Implementation of the project was held in 2014 (in three regions of Kazakhstan - Akmola, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl regions, from Шілде 2015 in 87 districts). Geography of the project in 2016 compared to 2015 was extended twice, to 182 districts and cities, 91.5 % of the country. In 2017, the pilot project will be implemented in all regions of Kazakhstan.

Given the positive results of the project within 84 step of the Plan - 100 concrete steps on implementation of five institutional reforms, voiced the Head of state, Қазан 28, 2015 the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts on issues of social protection of the population", providing for the introduction from 1 Қаңтар 2018 the new order of rendering of targeted social assistance (hereinafter – TSA), which formed the approaches used in the pilot project "Orleu".

From 1 Қаңтар 2018, the TSA new format will be paid for families with incomes below 50% of the subsistence minimum (currently 40%) on each member of the family, with the condition of mandatory participation of able-bodied family members in active measures to promote employment, instead of the current special state allowances to families with many children, state benefits for children up to 18 years and targeted social assistance (the old format).

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