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On targeted social assistance of a new format

Targeted social assistance is a cash payment provided by the state to individuals (families) with a monthly average income below the poverty line.

Depending on the social status of the family or individual, assistance is divided into two types: implicit and conditional.

Unconditional cash assistance is a type of targeted social assistance provided in the form of monthly cash payments to low-income individuals (families) with limited opportunities to participate in employment promotion measures. It turns out to be lonely and (or) lonely living for low-income persons with disabilities to participate in measures to promote employment in connection with the achievement of the retirement age established by paragraph 1 of Мақала 11 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Pension Security in the Republic of Kazakhstan"; disability of the first or second group; the presence of a disease in which a temporary incapacity for work can be established for more than two ай, as well as for low-income families with no able-bodied persons or a single able-bodied member caring for a child under seven years old, a disabled child, a disabled person of the first or second group, an elderly person needing care and help.

Conditional cash assistance is a type of targeted social assistance provided in the form of monthly or one-time cash payments to low-income individuals (families) subject to their obligatory participation in measures to promote employment and (or), if necessary, measures of social adaptation. It turns out to be single and (or) living alone for low-income able-bodied persons, as well as for low-income families who have an able-bodied member (s) in their composition, subject to their participation in measures to promote employment and ( or) if necessary social adaptation.

The social contract to activate the family is an agreement between an adult individual acting on behalf of the family and the authorized body, according to which the authorized body undertakes to provide conditional cash assistance to a low-income family, and a poor family to fulfill an individual plan of family assistance.

The nature and types of social services provided in social contracts include the following measures for social adaptation:

1) elimination of barriers to work faced by low-income families: access to kindergartens, legal assistance, psychological support, information, prevention of diseases, etc .;

2) employment promotion on the basis of measures stipulated in the state program "Productive employment and mass entrepreneurship";

3) promoting the productivity of those who work in low-paid places: advanced training and retraining, creating conditions for combining family responsibilities with participation in social production, etc.

The period of providing the family with conditionally targeted assistance using the social contract system depends on the specific situation in the family, its potential for getting out of a difficult life situation. Given the experience of implementing these programs in other countries, the provision of assistance is proposed to be established for 6 ай with the possibility of renewal for another 6 ай.

Participants in the system are required to use the opportunities provided to them to increase their employment opportunities, as well as to take part in public works and other employment options if the best options are not available. Social contract requirements may also extend to participants' behavior related to family welfare (for example, a child's education, health-related behavior, etc.).

When recipients do not fulfill their obligations, payment of aid is suspended, and other measures are introduced, including limiting the duration of benefits and reducing their value for individuals.

Termination of a social contract

The social contract with the recipients of conditional cash assistance is terminated:

1) if the low-income person (families) fails to fully comply with the terms of the social contract and individual plan activities;

2) in case of submission of inaccurate information that entailed the unlawful purpose of conditional cash assistance.

The termination of the social contract is the basis for the termination of the payment of conditional cash assistance to able-bodied family members.

The deadline for the provision of targeted social help format

Targeted social assistance is assigned for a period depending on the type of payment - unconditional or conditional.

Unconditional monetary assistance is assigned to the current quarter (3 ай) and is paid monthly.

The conditional monetary assistance is appointed for the period of the social contract from the month of circulation and is paid monthly or as a lump sum for the period established in the social contract.

When appointing conditional cash assistance, there is the possibility of its prolongation for an additional up to six ай, provided that it is necessary to extend the social adaptation of family members and (or) not complete the able-bodied family members of vocational training, and (or) youth practicezantasty in social workplaces.

Main functions of assistants and consultants

Nowadays, the Employment Centers represented by assistants and social work consultants provide comprehensive support to people in difficult life situations on issues of employment promotion, social services and the provision of cash payments.

Assistant - an employee of the employment center who performs family support functions, assists a social work consultant and akim of a village, village, rural district in conducting counseling, interviewing, and monitoring the fulfillment of obligations under a social contract.

Social work consultant - an employee of the employment center who assists in the assignment of targeted social assistance and the exit of a low-income person (family) from a situation caused by finding him (them) below the poverty line.

The main functions of the district, district, and regional commissions

A divisional commission is a special commission created by the decision of akims of the respective administrative-territorial units to conduct a survey of the material situation of persons (families) who applied for targeted social assistance. A divisional commission is sent to confirm the financial situation of the family.

The district (city) or regional commission is contacted if the applicant needs and (or) social adaptation, the decision on granting of which goes beyond the competence of the Center, as well as in case of need to prolong the term of the social contract.

District (city) commission on employment issues - the commission on employment of the population, formed in order to implement the state employment policy in the district, city, cities of regional and republican values ​​of the capital.

Regional Employment Commission - the Commission on Employment of the Population, formed to implement the state employment policy in the region (capital, the city of republican).

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