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Dear people of Kazakhstan!

My annual addresses to the people of Kazakhstan are always aimed at an analysis of our past accomplishments and future challenges, and, most importantly, at our joint search for the best way to achieve our great common goal.

Kazakhstan’s strategy of joining the world’s 50 most competitive countries

Kazakhstan is on the threshold of a major breakthrough in its development

Dear people of Kazakhstan!

Distinguished members of the Parliament and Government!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dear Fellow Citizens of Kazakhstan! Compatriots!

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The year 2003 has increased our confidence and optimism in terms of developing the national economy. The total growth of GDP over the past four years was almost 50 percent. Kazakhstan was acknowledged by economic think-tanks as one of the intensively developing countries among states with a transitional economy and, according to forecasts, it will hold leading positions this year.

Kazakhstan is continuing its purposeful development, fully complying with its long-term programme to be implemented by 2030.

The main issues of domestic and external policy development of the state for the year 2004.

Nursultan Nazarbayev announced that the achievements in the economy and state-building make possible to concentrate on issues of further liberalization of the political system. The process of establishing a democratic type of a political culture in the society is a new reality.

According to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the program of political reforms should include five key parts.

On the Situation in the Country and Main Directions of Domestic and Foreign Policy for 2002



September 3, 2001

Dear deputies! Dear citizens of Kazakhstan!

We can say for certain that the life has proved correctness of our choice of the model of open market economy and democratic development.

Towards Free, Effective and Secure Society

The Message of the President of the Country to the People of Kazakhstan

October 24, 2000

Dear compatriots!

On the Situation in the Country and major Directions of Domestic and Foreign Policy: Democratization, Economic and Political Reform for the New Century

September 30, 1998

Dear Parliamentarians, Distinguished Guests, citizens of the Republic.

I come to you at a fateful time.

The world has dramatically changed within the last year and will continue to change even more.


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