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Methodological recommendations regulate the procedure for the actions arranging and holding by local executive bodies to select the "Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan" (hereinafter - events) at the regional level.

These actions are developed to render assistance to the persons with disabilities, deprived from the background and public associations and enhancing the life quality of vulnerable social groups and have advisory nature.


1. Organizer of actions

1. Organizers of actions are:  at the republican level – the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – the Ministry), at regional level – Department for coordination of employment and social programs of oblast akimats, Astana and Almaty (hereinafter - Department).

2. To coordinate organizational activity at the regional level of preliminary stage the Commission on selection of the best social projects (hereinafter – Commission) is established by the local executive bodies.

3. Commission on selection of social projects may be composed of the Nur Otan party representatives, NGOs, members of Coordination council, representatives of regional branches of the national chamber of entrepreneurs, akim advisers on the issues concerning the persons with disabilities and related persons concerned.


2. Procedure for actions conducting

1. Selection of social projects at the regional level is executed by the Commissions within the period from May to September of the current year.

2. Public associations, organizations of the persons with disabilities, other institutions and departments, natural perons and related non-governmental organizations executing their activities within the framework of the system for population social protection regardless of the financing source (hereinafter - Participants).

3. Local executive bodies jointly with the branches of National chamber of entrepreneurs may attract to attend the sponsors from among the employers to Republican Exhibition to Astana.

4. To select the best social projects the Commission may establish the following criteria:

1) social significance of the project;

2) project rationale topicality;

3) coverage of population deprived from background,

Variety of the social support rendering, positive results of the implemented projects;

4) quality of the submitted documents and presentation materials;

5) term of the projects' implementation being more than 1 year;

6) no restrictions associated with the age of project participants;

7) project materials presentation in the form of slides, video with presentation duration (3-5 minutes);

8) projects presented for previous republican Exhibition shall be not considered;

9) consider the facts of own funds having been contributed into implementation of the social projects.

5. Commission members, if applicable, may make own corrections to selection criteria specified for completion "Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan".

6. Applications for participation in preliminary stage may be submitted according to the attached form (Appendix #1) from the moment of announcement about the preliminary stage launch at the regional level.

7. Participants may be issued the notifications about receipt of the full package of the projects materials to hands.

8. In case of non-compliance with the above listed criteria the Commission may turn the submitted materials back to the participants.

9. In case of disputable matter rising at selection of the projects, decision of the Commission chairman may have prerogative right.

10. Project materials selected by the Commission shall be sent to the Ministry for republican Exhibition by September 1 of the current year.

11. Concerning all rising matters in relation to organizational work please refer to the Ministry by the specified telephone numbers: 74-37-26 (G. M. Oryntayeva), 74-34-73 (L.K. Nuridenova, S.A.Irakhmetov), 74-33-41 (R. Zh. Koshkumbekova) and e-mails:,,

    Appendix 1

To Methodological recommendations on selection of the "Best social projects implemented in Kazakhstan"


Application for participation in the action on selection of the social projects


Author of the social project



Name of the social project



Period of the project implementation in the regions



Social significance of the project



Brief annotation



Number and categories of persons covered



Financing sources  (state social order, external funds)



Results achieved   (number of the rehabilitated, employed, supported and others)



Presentation material (project logotype, slides and video in DVD format )



Additional information (telephone, fax, e-mail etc.)


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