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RECEPTION ON JOB and the conclusion of the LABOR CONTRACT

RECEPTION ON JOB is one of the main events in human life.


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p. 1,2,3. To organize meetings of national, sector a land regional tripartite Commission on social partnership and regulation of social land labor relations

Questions create dialogue platforms to discuss with employers the problematic issues in the sphere of labor legislation, along with other relevant employment sector (repayment of arrears of wages, the prevention and settlement of labor conflicts) are discussed regularly at the trilateral commissions of different levels.


1. General principles for enforcement of the labor rights of employees

2. Labor relations coming into existence. Labor agreement

3. Basic rights and obligations of an employer and employees

4. Labor discipline. Work hours. Resting time.

5. Guarantees of employees' rights provided for by the labor legislation.

6. Protection of the labor rights and legitimate interests of the employees.

7. Collective agreement.

8. Labor disputes.

9. Social partnership in the sphere of labor.

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