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migration and demographic situation

in the Republic of Kazakhstan

As of July 1, 2014, external migration balance is - 2339 people. (including immigrants - 8454 people, emigrants - 10793 people).

For reference only: over the same period of 2013, external migration balance is - 655 people. (including immigrants 10,663 people, and immigrants - 10,008 people.).

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Dear members of the Social Council under “Nur Otan” party faction,

Committee on Social and Cultural Development of the Majilis of the Parliament,

deputies, members of the Government!

Let me inform you within a framework of the joint meeting on the attraction of foreign labor force, migration policy formation, its implementation, and improvement with consideration of Kazakhstan labor market situation.

On measures to create a barrier-free environment

In recent years, creation of an accessible environment for people with disabilities is one of the main issues on the agenda at the meetings of various levels. A high level of attention of the institutions involved led to sustained work on creating a barrier-free environment with the involvement of representatives of organizations for people with disabilities at all its stages.

The main areas of this work are:

Dear colleagues!


       1. Modernization of personnel preparation and retraining system


        The implemented industrially - innovative program provides not only the introduction of new technology, but also requires the formation of a new labor generation. In this regard, within the framework of the personnel training and retraining system modernization we implement the Employment Roadmap 2020 and introduce a new national system of qualifications.

Dear Bauyrzhan Kydyrgaliyevich, dear colleagues!

The ministry carried out a detailed analysis of the disability structure in the country, the results of which determined the number of disabled workers, of self-employed and the ones who are in need of employment; set the number of disabled people who cannot be employed for health issues considering the presence of severe diseases and limitations. The gender and age structure of employable people with disabilities, their level of education, qualifications and type of disease were determined.

PRESS RELEASE to the draft resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Approval of Regulations on the Use of target current transfers from the national budget for 2015 by provincial budget and the cities of Astana and Almaty for providing social protection and assistance to the population”. 

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Factory calendar for 2015

According to Article 77 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 15, 2007 (hereinafter - the Code) normal working hours shall not exceed 40 hours a week.

Labor and collective agreements may provide for fewer working hours, but be paid as per normal working hours.

Also the Code shall establish reduced working time for certain categories of employees:

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