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1. In order to determine the order and conditions of issuance and (or) extension of permits establishes the following categories of employees:

1) the first category – the leaders and their deputies;

Target social assistance

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Target social assistance

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According to managements of coordination of employment and social programs of areas, of Almaty and Astana for January- December, 2016 concerning employment 518,4 thousand citizens addressed. Inhabitants of rural areas among addressed, made 253,1 thousand people or about 48,8 percent.

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Target social assistance

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Target social assistance

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Target social assistance

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Reference with the implementation of conditional cash transfers in the framework of the project "Orleu"

By order of the Head of state about formation of the new social policy and  increase targeting of assistance to those people who need it. In Kazakhstan there is gradually introducing new approaches to provide targeted social assistance based on the principles of conditionality and conclude a social contract.

Target social assistance

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        Press release to the draft resolution of RK Government "About modification and additions in the decree of the Government of the RK from December 8, 2015 № 972 "On the implementation of the Law of the RK" On Republican budget for the years 2016-2018" provides changes to the application 42 in reducing the amount of the state task "Ensuring functioning of information systems in order to provide public services in social and labor sphere" 114 709 thousand KZT.


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