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The problem of youth unemployment paid much attention to the program "employment Road map 2020", where young people are identified as a priority target group. For the whole period of implementation of the roadmap of employment covered by state support measures more than 388 thousand people among the youth, which is more than 48% of its privateers (797 thousand). One of the problems with employment of the active part of young people who have completed secondary or higher education institution is the issue of employment on the first job.

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Evaluation of jobs created in 2017



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In the framework of the development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship in 2017, it is proposed to 85.3 billion KZT, of them 40.3 billion KZT from the Republican budget and 45 billion KZT in the form of transfers of a General character.

On March 1, 2017, applied for participation in the Program 58 of 531 people, of which 49 538 people included in the membership.

Of those who took part in the Program unemployed is 46 467 people (93,8 %), self-employed – 3 071 people (6.2 per cent).

Addresses and phones of the centres of employment of the population in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dauletbaeva Kamazhay Tulegenovna was born 07.06.1992.

Resides at the address Beineu village, . A. Zhangeldina street, No.53 house  phone: 87471066374.In search of suitable work turned in Beineu’s employment Center, where she was invited to participate in the 1st direction of the Program "employment Road map-2020".

In this direction Dauletbaeva Kamazhai was bringing up her was sent to work on the project "Current repair of the secondary school GU Ustyurt high school" LLP "Dulat-Sheber".

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Kopbaeva Nargiz Batyrbekovna  was born 20.11.1987.   

Syzdykov Azamat Fazyluly

            In the framework of the program "Road map of employment 2020" by the second direction "Stimulation of entrepreneurship initiative" in Employment center of population of the Aksu town" for receipt of microloan for purposes of opening of the own enterprise and organization of job development consulted unemployed resident of village Paramonovka Dostyk  Syzdykov Azamat Fazylovich.

Zhanabekov Adilet Maratovich

      The status before participation in the program "Road map of employment 2020" - unemployed.

Ordabayev Yelaman Askhatovich

          The status before participation in the program "Road map of employment 2020" is an unemployed.

         In 2015 in the framework of the third direction of the program "Road map of employment 2020" Ordabayev Yelaman Askhatovich referred to KSI "Nauryzbay regional department of population employment center of Almaty".         

List of organizations of education carrying out vocational training in the framework of the employment Program 2020 for 2016.


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