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At present,the multilayer social system works in the country, corresponding to themarket economy principles,and providing theallocation of responsibility for social scheme between the state,employer and employeeat the basic, obligatory and voluntary levels.

According to the task of the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan,Nazarbayev N.Given at the enlargedmeeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan,dated February 14, 2014,all pension from April 1, 2014were increased by 4.59%, resulting in the 14% growth of pensions, compared to 2013.

  In order to improve the pension law, the Order of the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstandated June 18, 2014 No.841,approved the Conceptof further pension system modernization by 2030.

    Concept provides the further development ofthe multilayer pension system.

    One of the main conceptional noveltiesis the adjustment dated July 1, 2017 of theassignment procedure of basic pension to be paidon reaching the age limit, and depending on theperiod of citizens participation in the pension system.


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