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Improving the mechanism of addressed social assistance

Bringing education reforms to their logical conclusion

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Provision of housing for low-income families with many children

Press release
to the draft resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On some issues of use of funds allocated to reduce the debt burden of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan»

Press release to the draft order of the MLSPP of RK "On amendments and additions to the order of the MLSPP of RK dated 3.06.2015 № 445 "On approval of the Rules of appointment and payment of special state allowance" 

The draft decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Amendments and Addenda to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 21, 2013 No. 504“ On Approving the Model Rules for Providing Social Assistance, Establishing the Sizes and Determining the List of Certain Categories of Needy Citizens ”was developed pursuant to paragraph 1.1.

Press release on the anniversary of the signing of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site 

In order to create a nuclear potential that ensured strategic military parity between the USSR and the USA, the USSR Council of Ministers Decree of November 14, 1946 created the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

The landfill, located at the junction of the East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and Karaganda regions, occupies an area of ​​18.5 thousand square meters. km.

Today in the Republic there are 2 776 participants and invalids of the GPW, 157 679 war workers, 194 citizens who worked in the period of the siege of Leningrad, 487 of former juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, ghetto and other places of detention 7 806 wives of deceased disabled of the great Patriotic war, 80 remarried spouses of servicemen, partisans, underground fighters who died (missing) in GPW, 778 citizens of other categories that contributed to the Victory.


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