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Unemployment rate amounted to 7,8% in 2006

Unemployment rate amounted to 7,8% in 2006 According to provisional data, in 2006 the number of unemployed (persons at the age of 15 years and above who were not in employment, actively sought a job and were available for work) amounted to 625,4 thsd. persons. It decreased by 15,3 thsd. persons or 2,4% as compared with the year 2005. The total unemployment rate made 7,8% (8,1% in 2005). The share of unemployed who were registered at employment offices of the Ministry of Labour and Population Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan in total number of economically active population amounted to 0,9% (1,2% in 2005). Among unemployed the number of males was 262,6 thsd. persons (42%) and of females 362,8 thsd. persons(58%); their unemployment rates made 6,5% and 9,2%, respectively.

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