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Another service of the Ministry of labor has become available via the sms portal

Digital Kazakhstan

The Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK has simplified the receipt of another service on the e-government portal.  Now it is possible to receive confirmation of information about the presence of disability through sms-message without electronic digital signature (hereinafter-EDS).

First you need to register on the portal This can be done in four ways. The first – with the help of registered login and password. The second is by means of an electronic digital signature. The third – also via EDS, but attached to the SIM-card, and the last - with a one-time password. After registration in the "Services" tab, you must select "Social security", then in the proposed list click on "Obtaining a certificate of disability confirmation" and order the service online. The new window will automatically display the user's IIN and prompt you to proceed to the next item.

At the stage of the second step, there are now two options for sending a request. One of them is made through EDS, and the other – with a one-time sms-password.

The code that came to the mobile number must be entered in the proposed line. After that, there wil be the transition to the third final step – the result of the request. The screen will display information about the status and duration of the rendering service.

Next time for obtaining more information about the readiness of the requested data via a personal account on it is necessary to go to incoming messages.

To receive this service via sms-code, it is important to be registered in the database of mobile citizens. For this you can contact PSC or do it yourself in a personal account on

As of July 1, 2019, there are 690 thousand people with disabilities in Kazakhstan, 61.5% of them are persons of working age, 25.6% – retired, 12.9% – children under 18 years.

We remind you that in 2020, the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK plans to transfer 90% of its services into electronic format. Electronic state services are an integral part of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", adopted in December 2017. To date, the digitalization of processes in the republic is under special control.

Changed on 6 September, 2019 - 15:28
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