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Injuries at production decreased in Kazakhstan


For 7 months of 2019, injuries at production decreased by 11% compared to the same period last year. The Minister of labor and social protection of the population of RK Birzhan Nurymbetov stated about it during the meeting on problematic issues of labor relations in Kazakhstan on the example of individual enterprises of the capital.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of RK (hereinafter – MLSPP RK), the State revenue Committee of MF RK, akimat of Nur-Sultan, heads of enterprises of the capital.

"As of August 1 this year, 749 people were injured at the enterprises of the country, which is at 11% lower than at the same period last year (for 7 months of 2018 – 842 people), of them 82 people - with a fatal outcome, which is at 28% lower than at the same period last year (2018 – 114 people). However, in Nur-Sultan, the indicators of industrial injuries have increased significantly", - Nurymbetov informed.

At the enterprises of the city in 2019, 34 employees were injured, which is at 70% more than at the same period last year (for 8 months of 2018 – 20 people), of which 7 were killed (for 8 months of 2018 - 5).

"This is primarily due to a group accident that occurred on May 23 in the RSE on REM "Astana Su Arnasy", as a result of which 4 people were killed and 1 was seriously poisoned. According to the results of the investigation, it was found that the main cause of the accident was non-conducting the analysis of the air inside the sewer gas analyzer, non-delivery of gas masks to employees, as well as admission to work without issuing a work permit. Based on the reasons, the fault of the officials of the employer is determined at the rate of 100 %", - the Minister explained.

Summing up the meeting results, Birzhan Nurymbetov recommended to akimat of capital: to take measures to ensure the implementation of a Comprehensive plan of measures to prevent labor conflicts and Road Map for reduction of industrial injuries at 2019 – 2023; on an ongoing basis, conduct analysis of causes of wage arrears, industrial injuries, labor disputes and to take timely measures on their elimination; to take concrete measures on the compilation of plans to eliminate wage arrears by employers; to approve action plans to ensure safe working conditions with each enterprise where there is a high level of production risk.

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