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Loan № 8490-KZ

Name of the task: "Provision of consulting services for the creation and implementation of information and analytical system "National forecasting system of labor resources", contract №: KZSJ-2.1/CQS-04

The Republic of Kazakhstan has received funding from the World Bank for the implementation of the project "Development of labor skills and stimulating workplaces", and intends to use part of the funds for consulting services.

The Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites eligible consulting companies ("Consultants") to express their interest in providing services. Interested consultants should provide information that they have relevant qualifications and similar experience in performing services.

The criteria for selection are:

  • The consulting firm must have at least 5 (five years) experience in consulting services in the field of administration/management and/or information technology;
  • Experience in international and / or national projects in the development of vision and / or strategy, basic measures and initiatives to forecast the social and economic sphere;
  • Experience in methodology development and conducting forecasting, including in labor sphere of employment of the population;
  • The staff composition of the consultant should include specialists in the field of macroeconomics, employment of the population and information technology

A provider can participate in a consortium to implement a task.

The expression of interest must be issued by a cover letter with the return address, contact data of the performer. In addition, you must provide documentary evidence of the legal status of the consultant (attach a certificate of state registration, a copy of the charter and other documents, if necessary). For confirmation of experience it is necessary to attach contracts, acts of the performed works, and recommendation letters to the competitive application, expert opinions and other documents if necessary.

We draw the attention of interested consultants to paragraph 1.9 of "The World Bank Guidelines: selection and hiring of consultants by World Bank borrowers on IBRD loans and IDA loans” (January 2011 revised in July 2014) ("Guidelines of Consultants") regulating the World Bank's conflict of interest policy.

Consultants may join with other companies in the form of a joint enterprise or a subcontractor (sub-consultant) organization to strengthen their competencies.

In the case of association in the form of a joint enterprise or sub-consultant, it is necessary to indicate clearly the form of the association in the cover letter.

For reference:

"Joint enterprise (JE)" means an association, the legal status of which may coincide or differ from the legal status of its participants, consisting of more than one Consultant, in which one partner is authorized to realize conducting economic activity for and on behalf of all other partners in the JE, and in which the partners in composition of JE bear joint and individual responsibility to the Customer for the performance of the Contract.

The Consultant will be selected by the Consultant Qualification Selection method (CQS) in accordance with the procedures specified in the Consultant Guideline.

Additional information can be obtained at the address specified below during working hours from 9.00 to 18.00 Astana time.

Expressions of interest must be submitted in writing and electronically form to the following address (in person, by mail and by e-mail) no later than September 4, 2019 inclusive:

The management group of the project "Development of labor skills and stimulating workplaces" (MGP)

Ministry of labor and social protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan

010000, Kazakhstan, Astana, 29 Syganak Street, office 1507

Phone: (8 7172) 64 27 46

E-mail: with copy

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