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New approaches to labor protection issues were discussed

Labor protection

Development and introduction of new approaches in ensuring safety and labor protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan – this issue became the main theme of the scientific and practical conference organized in Nur-Sultan by the Republican scientific and research institute on labor protection.

The conference was held in order to implement the V direction of the Road map on reduction of industrial injuries and jobs with harmful and dangerous working conditions in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019-2023.

"The aim of the conference is to promote advanced domestic experience, results of scientific researches and the revitalization of social partnership in the field of safety and labor protection" - the Director of RSE "Republican scientific and research institute on labor protection" Serikkali Bisakayev noted.

During the event, the issues of integration of theory and practice in labor protection, the results of scientific activities, modern trends in their practical application, the scientific basis for improving labor legislation were considered.

According to the organizers, the meetings, discussions and exchange of knowledge in terms of the conference will be a good experience for heads and specialists labor safety and protection services and a catalyst for the introduction of new approaches in ensuring safe working conditions for employees.

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