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Youth employment

According to the official data of the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, today there are 3.9 million young people all over republic (aged from 14 to 29 years).

In the 1st quarter of 2019, the youth unemployment rate was 3.9% or 83.7 thousand people.

At the same time, there is a decrease in the number of young workers by 12.8%, which is about 305,000 people.

According to the results of the first quarter of 2019, the economically active part (labor force) of young people aged from 15 to 28 years is 2 168,9 thousand young people, in which 2 085 thousand people are employed, persons who are not part of the labor force (are not employed or unemployed) – 1 427,6 thousand people (schoolchildren and full-time students after 15 years, not working disabled people, housewives, women who are caring for a child, persons working on a personal subsidiary farm for their own consumption).

Among the employed youth 1 592.6 thousand people or 76.4% employees, 492.4 thousand people (23.6%)self-employed.

In context of sectors of the economy, the largest number of employed – 401.7 thousand people (19.3 %) are employed in the field of trade and service, 240.5 thousand people. (11.5%) – in education, 233.6 thousand people (11.2%) – in agriculture. 231.5 thousand people (11.1%) work in the industry.

On the 1st quarter of 2019, 72 thousand young people or 56.7% of the total number of registered (92.7 thousand people) are registered in the employment bodies as unemployed.

With the aim of labor market development and the adoption of additional measures to improve the standard of life of the population, the State program of development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship in 2017 – 2021 "Enbek" (hereinafter – the Program) is successfully implementing.

To solve employment issues, the Program provides for state support measures in the following directions:

1) providing participants of the Program with technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training;

2) development of mass entrepreneurship;

3) the development of the labor market through the promotion of employment and labor resources mobility.

Also, the project "Free technical and vocational education" is implemented, thanks to which school graduates who failed to continue their education after the 9th or 11th grade, have the opportunity to free study the first working speciality.

At the same time, short-term vocational training courses (up to 6 months) on the professions demanded in the labor market were organized to retrain, to improve the skills of the population.

Thus, on July 1, 2019, 7.7 thousand people have been trained for short-term courses at colleges and training centers of NCE "Atameken" to obtain additional skills and qualifications.

The second direction of the Program is aimed at the development of mass entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship training under the project of NCE Atameken "Bastau-Business" and micro-loan.

Training in the basics of business on the project "Bastau-Business" covered

4.8 thousand people. 505 people received micro-loans, 328 people received grants.

Since 2018, a new tool aimed at the development of new business ideas is being implemented in the form of state grants on a gratuitous basis in the amount of up to 100 MCI. This amount has been increased this year for program participants from low-income families with many children, persons with disabilities and young people to 200 MCI.

The third direction of the Program provides for the promotion of internal mobility and employment support.

In order to fill the shortage of personnel in the regions of the country, for 6 months of 2019 95 able-bodied family members were resettled from the labor-surplus regions, 73 of them were employed.

In addition, the Program is supplemented by the project "Mangilik El zhastary – industriyaga!"("Serpin"), aimed at providing higher, technical and vocational education to young people from labor-surplus regions and their employment in labor-deficit regions.

In total, the measures of state support in terms of  the Program on July 1, 2019 covered more than 95 thousand people from among young people, in which more than 82 thousand people or 86% were employed.

Also, in terms of the Program, social jobs, youth practice and public works were organized specifically for socially vulnerable groups of the population, for which about 37 thousand people were sent for six months of 2019.

Along with this, in terms of the "Year of youth", this year launched a program to support youth "Zhastar – El tiregi" covering 1 million young people for three years.

I. The project "Zhas maman" provides training of specialists in the 100 most popular industrial and service professions on the basis of 200 modernized educational institutions (20 advanced higher educational institutions and 180 advanced colleges) covering about 200 thousand young people in three years in all regions of the country.

In addition, online training will be organized, including online courses on the development of the most demanded professional skills for 150 thousand young people.

As a result of the project "Zhas maman" it is planned to modernize the key specialties of 20 higher educational institutions and 180 colleges; purchasing 400 sets of modern equipment; training about 200 thousand qualified personnel; qualification development of more than 15 thousand teachers.

It is worth noting that in order to obtain initial work experience in the profession (specialty) youth practice in enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership is successfully implemented . If in 2018 28 thousand young people were able to participate in the youth practice, in terms of the project "Zhas maman" it is planned to cover up to 30 thousand people in three years through the youth practice.

Thanks to this measure of state support, more young people will be able to realize their potential and gain the necessary experience after training.

II. The project "Zhas kasipker" is a set of measures for the development of youth entrepreneurship throughout the country, in terms of which it is planned to expand measures for training business conducting skills, coaching, providing psychological support and assistance in the implementation of start-up projects.

This project includes the following tools.

- Training in the basics of entrepreneurship "Bastau Business", implemented in terms of the state program "Enbek", involving at least 60 thousand young people for three years throughout Kazakhstan. This measure of state support will allow them not only to open their own business, but also to create new jobs.

- State grants for young people to implement new business ideas in terms of the state program "Enbek" with coverage of 10 thousand young people annually (with an increase in the amount from 200 thousand to 500 thousand tenge).

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