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A meeting with representatives of the International Labor Organization was held at the Ministry of Labor

From October 8 to 11, 2018, representatives of the ILO arrived in Kazakhstan on a working visit: Arsenio Fernandez - Labor Inspection Specialist from Canada, Europe, and Central Asia ILO, Valentin Mocanu - Chief Specialist in Labor Inspection and Labor Protection of the ILO.

The main purpose of the visit: conducting an audit of labor inspection activities in the republic, analyzing the current situation regarding compliance with the requirements of the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, preparing recommendations for improving labor inspection activities.

During the meeting on October 8 of this year. with the Chairman of the Committee for Labor, Social Protection and Migration - A.A. Sarbasov, Chief State Labor Inspector of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the foreign colleagues were shown the structure of the republic's labor inspectorate and the vision for further improvement of its activities.

Also, a meeting was held with representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office, where issues of interaction between interested state bodies on preventing industrial injuries and preventing violations of labor law requirements were considered.

According to the program of the visit, representatives of the ILO plan to travel to Akmola region to get acquainted with the activities of the labor inspectorate, visiting a large city-forming enterprise in the region.

A meeting is scheduled with the leadership of the Astana Labor Inspection and a meeting with representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions and the National Board of Entrepreneurs «Atameken».

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