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The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the RK announces the results of the competition for research in the field of occupational safety applied research within the framework of program financing in the years 2018-2020

In accordance with paragraph 7 of Article 27 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 18, 2011 "On Science" we won the tender for carrying out applied research in the field of occupational safety within the program financing is the Republican State Enterprise "National Research Institute for Occupational Safety Ministry of labor and social protection of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on the basis of the minutes of the meeting of the National scientific Council on the priority area of" Science about life and health "of June 24, 2017 number 8 on the 2018-2020 years on the theme" Development of scientific and methodical bases of providing safe working in the priority sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "

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