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National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan

National Flag of Kazakhstan   The national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular cloth of blue color with the image in the center of the sun with rays, under them - a soaring eagle. In the pole - a national ornament in the form of vertical stripes. The image of the sun, its rays, eagle and national ornament - colors of gold. The ratio of the Flag's width to its length is 1:2.

   Blue one-color national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan reflects not only the commitment to unity, but also reminds of cloudless sky, which has always been a symbol of peace, tranquility and prosperity.

   In the language of heraldry blue color, its shades correspond to such human qualities as honesty, loyalty, hope. The Golden sun bathing in its rays represents peace and wealth, and the steppe eagle generosity and vigilance, height of Kazakhstan people thoughts.

   The author of the national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the artist Shaken Niyazbekov.

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