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Application for granting oralmanship status

Annex 1
to the Standard of Public Service
"Assigning Oralman Status"

The form


             (name of local executive body)
from _______________________________________
  (surname, name, patronymic (if any) of the applicant)
                             (residing at)


about granting the status of an oralman

I ask you to confer upon me and my family members the status of an oralman in connection with the arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of permanent residence in the historical homeland in the region (the city of the republican significance, the capital).

Family members who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
1) the spouse of __________________________________________;
2) the parents of the applicant and the spouse ____________________;
3) children (including adopted children) and members of their families __________;
4) full-fledged and unmarried brothers and sisters, unmarried ____________________________________________________________

I enclose the following documents with the application:

I hereby give my consent to the collection and processing of my personal data required for the provision of the public service "Assigning Oralman Status".

"___" ________ 20___ years ___________________

(signature of the applicant)

Documents accepted: ___________________________________________________
(surname, name, patronymic (if available), position of the person who accepted the documents)

"___" _________ 20__ years ___________________________________________
(signature of the person who accepted the documents)

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