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Minister Tamara Duissenova visited Karaganda region

Karaganda region

Working trip to the region of the head of the Department beginning with the regional center Osakarovka.

First Minister got acquainted with the work of the employment center osakarovskogo area and appreciated his willingness to work in a new format, Targeted social assistance, was interested in his materialno-technical equipment and professional training.

"ASP is not only cash, but a comprehensive measure of the way out of poverty. And today, it is important to do everything possible to centres of employment as a result of the transformation became more accessible, and his assistants were ready to provide all necessary services to the population on the principles of a Single window. Not coincidentally, today we visited the district center. The main participants in the Program are residents of rural districts and regional centers" - said the Minister.

Their opinions about the pilot program of the "Orleu" shared Natalia Fedulova. Family Fedorovych became a member of the project in 2015. Then the single mother received financial support in the amount of 150 thousand tenge and opened my own business. Today, hobby – hairdresser - bring the income and is the primary source of income for the family.

"Through this unique program, I opened a small business

and confidently able to implement their plans. Now I bring my modest contribution

in economic development and benefits to the villagers" - said Natalia.

By the way, Osakarov district became one of the first in the Karaganda region, where in July 2015, launched a pilot project "Orleu". For more than two years of its implementation,

the project involved over 50 families, or about 270 people. Conditional cash assistance provided for a total amount of 8 million tenge.

These measures allowed to increase the average per capita income of the poor doubled (from 6 358,0 tenge to KZT 12 572,0).

In 2017 for implementation of the project "Orleu" includes funds in the amount of about 13 million tenge, where 2.5 million tenge from the local budget of the district and the rest

from the Republican.

After visiting the district, the Minister met with the akims of rural districts, heads of regional employment centers, as well as with employees

and consultants employment centers that will directly work with the population.

The main theme of the meeting was the introduction of a new format of TSA and upcoming changes in the pension system.

As a priority tasks for today Tamara Duissenova marked the introduction of targeted social assistance to the new format, as well as the relevance of the awareness-raising work among the population.

Akim of Karaganda region Yerlan Koshanov commented: "For our region the new format of targeted social assistance are already familiar. More than two years

in Karaganda region operated the pilot project "Orleu". We learned to practice all

the details of the new system. And I can confidently say that it is justified.

The project Orleu for 2.5 years 2.5 thousand people became its participants.

Some of them were retrained, employed or opened their own businesses - previously, these people were below the poverty line".

But the Minister also raised the issue of employment. In this direction, the Ministry developed an Electronic labor exchange which will be a great platform for employers and job seekers.

Interesting and productive was the meeting of the Minister with women community, which was held with the participation of representatives of the Association of business women, members of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, party "Nur Otan", NGO sector.

Perhaps, the main topic of discussion was the issue of modernization of the pension system. Upcoming changes – a measure aimed at restoring social justice. Spoke about this congregation and hurried to ask questions on the subject.

How January 1 will accrue the basic pension, said Tamara Duissenova.

"Next year the basic pension will be assigned depending on the length of participation in the pension system. This will take into account not only the period of earnings pension contributions to accumulative pension system since 1998, but also work experience prior to 1998," explained the Minister.

 This approach, according to the Minister, restore justice in respect of persons receiving today, low pensions, having 30-40 years of work experience. For those with experience of more than 33 years, both before 1998 and after 1998, the basic pension will be increased twice compared to the current. If today is 14 thousand tenge, from 1 July 2018, this group of retirees will receive 28 thousand tenge.

Recall that in the framework of reforms in social and labor sphere, the Minister of labor

and social protection of population Tamara Duissenova conducts outreach in the regions of the country. By the way, Osakarovka became the first settlement at the district level, which was visited by the Minister.

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